'A film shouldn’t be only beautiful but it also needs depth and emotion'



MomoFilm creates visual gems from motion images and concepts. We strive to create complete productions embedded in narrative content. The synergy between innovative possibilities and a strong ambition for authentic stories makes us love what we do.

Cooperating as a team: that’s what it’s all about during a production. Not just the two of us – Japser and Maren – but also the people in the film themselves. We enter the process step by step. Everybody is vulnerable and an expert at the same time. It evolves like a dialogue; also with other professionals who can be necessary in the process. We have a network of freelancers (for instance in the field of music) who can complete our team.

Eventually it all concerns about bringing the story to live: the message should affect the public in an emotional way. Not just be nice to look at. We translate stories into film.

‘Life is about the people you meet and the things you create with them’

MomoFilm prefers working on socially concerned productions. Whether we make a scenic film or a documentary, a company video or another story. We make films with a story that moves you.

Would you like an attractive, fascinating film that keeps everybody’s attention?

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